Pixiu is one of the most popular Feng Shui celestial animal that is believed to attract Wealth luck, either windfall or direct income to the owner. In the recent years, it has come in the form of display ornament made of different materials Jade, Liu Li, Gold and others and also Pixiu bracelet is trending nowsaday. Once you have one, you must also need to know how to take care of it to maximize the benefits that it can bring you.

The Minors under the age of 16 and elderly people over the age of 70 should not wear Pixiu bracelet. Beside that, Female should not wear it during pregnancy. The Pixiu bracelet is best worn with the left hand, instead of the right hand, because it is believed that if you wear it on the left, it symbolize attracting good wealth luck and if you wear it on the right, it is giving away your wealth to other people.

The head of of the Pixiu should be facing outwards, as it symbolize going out to grab wealth luck and bring it back for you. Do not wear it facing towards yourself. When you are sleeping, bathing or any other situation that you are not wearing it, you should place it in the living room, with the head facing towards the main door. Do not place it in your bedroom. There are some common materials for the make of a Pixiu bracelet, for example, gold, jade, crystal and etc.

It will be good if you know your lacking element in your birth chart and use the appropriate one to harness the balance. Always touch the pixiu while wearing it to connect with it and let it know that you are its owner! Avoid having someone touching it but if it happen, fret not, just need to rinse the Pixiu bracelet with water will do.

Lucky clover leaf — how much do you know about this good luck auspicious charm that people has been using for hundred of years? Are you looking for good luck plants for front door or entrance? You can considered these 3 lucky plants that symbolise wealth and abundance. We hate spam, too! First Name. Search for:. Never miss a chance to get connected with our latest updates.Many Fengshui masters believe in harnessing the extremely beneficial powers of the Pixiu to enhance the fortune of the homeowner.

Come to think of it, even the Macau Casino placed one at their Casino to attract wealth and prevent loss of wealth. It more likely came from Taoist practices but slowly fused with modern Fengshui. Most people place their Pixiu at the wealth corners of their house and have it facing the space outside the door. When you place a Pixiu like this, it will help you to bring wealth into your house. You could consider to use this set of Pixiu shown on the left because it possesses both protective and wealth snarling abilities.

You could read more about maintaining a Pixiu on your bracelet here. But for today I decided to write this post because I keep getting requests about the placement of Pixiu.

Some things to note when placing a Pixiu. Skip to content Many Fengshui masters believe in harnessing the extremely beneficial powers of the Pixiu to enhance the fortune of the homeowner. Some things to note when placing a Pixiu The Pixiu must never face the main door directly. In Taoism, the main door is also being protected by a guardian spirit therefore, having a Pixiu to face the main door is to create clashes between the two.

Try not to place a Pixiu near to any mirrors. The main idea is to prevent reflections of the Pixiu in the mirror. The Pixiu is considered as a spiritual being therefore, placing a mirror nearby is almost equivalent to chasing it away.

A Pixiu facing the bed will unleash nightmares and sleepless nights onto the person who is sleeping on that bed. Change the offerings with new gems, gold and silver every year. Do not use cash notes as Pixius are not attracted to paper. If you put coins, you are training your Pixiu to snarl coins for you. If you put fake gold coins, you are training your Pixiu to snarl fake gold for you!

Choose your offerings wisely. Do not let it face the toilet. I think you should know why. Other than facing the space outside the main door, you can also have it to face the space outside your windows. You can also consider offering it a joss stick every day to strengthen it so that it has the strength to snarl wealth for you.Pixiu is one of the auspicious animals that are believed to attract wealth luck and good fortune.

Because of its money-drawing capabilities, many have used a Pixiu in homes and businesses. Now, it has become a trending Feng Shui Pixiu bracelet that may accompany you too. To activate its effects, you have to follow the proper way of wearing a Pixiu bracelet.

what to do with broken pixiu

But before we delve into that, let us first take a look at the legend of Pixiu and how it may benefit its wearer. Originating from Chinese legends, Pixiu is a mythical creature with the head of a dragon, body of a horse, horn of a deer, and foot of a Qilin.

Also known as Pi Yao, this beast is also said to resemble a winged lion. Pixiu is said to have a voracious appetite. But stories tell that it can only feed on treasures such as gold, silver, and jewels. When this creature defecated on the floor of Heaven, it violated a sacred law.

Hence, it was punished by the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor spanked Pixiu so hard that it sealed its anus.

What is Pi Xiu or Pi Yao?

Many believed that wearing a Pixiu can be beneficial to its wearers. Here are some ways the feng shui Pixiu bracelet can benefit you.

To obtain the benefits of the Pixiu bracelet, you must treat the creature with respect and devotion. It is only then it will bring you good fortune. Wearing a feng shui Pixiu bracelet is just one way of boosting your wealth luck and fortune. If it gets broken, there are plenty of other ways to attract luck in the Year of the Metal Rat.

How to wear a Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet Pixiu is one of the auspicious animals that are believed to attract wealth luck and good fortune.

The Legend of Pixiu Originating from Chinese legends, Pixiu is a mythical creature with the head of a dragon, body of a horse, horn of a deer, and foot of a Qilin.

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Benefits of the Pixiu Many believed that wearing a Pixiu can be beneficial to its wearers. Gain and Preserve Wealth. Ancient Chinese beliefs tell that displaying the Pixiu in homes and business establishments helps acquire wealth. The same goes true when you wear the Pixiu.

Doing so may also rotate profits and speed up promotion. This works best for people who are in a bad financial situation and need to attract money. The feng shui energy in Pixiu bracelets works as a cure against negative energy. It also helps drive evil spirits away from its wearer, as well as unnecessary harassment, family disputes, and people with bad intent.

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Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. What is Pi Xiu or Pi Yao? Legend has it that Pi Xiu has a mouth but no anus, thus could gobble up anything without excreting.

what to do with broken pixiu

It is fond of water, gold, silver and jewels and takes wealth from all directions as food. Because of this, Pi Xiu has the meaning of bringing in wealth and treasure. Of course, it is capable of warding off evil spirits and bringing good fortune. Some people even believe that it can guard their homes, assist them from being offended the Grand Duke Jupiter and bring them good luck in love relationship.

As a result, many modern people would wear a Pi Xiu. According to legend, there are two different types of Pi Xiu, namely male and female. The male is called Pi with head facing left while the female Xiu facing right. Nowadays, Pi Xiu is of a single sex.

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If you choose to have only one Pi Xiu, either male or female one will be fine. If you buy a pair of Pi Xiu for your partner and you, there will be rules on the head orientation.

Acquire and Preserve Wealth In ancient China, many casinos and windfall venues would display Pi Xiu to ward off evil spirits and gather wealth.Not many feng shui enthusiasts are familiar with the use of Pi Yao, or Pi Xiu. This does not make the Pi Yao less powerful, though. In fact, the Pi Yao Pi Xiu is the only feng shui cure used in the flying stars school of feng shui to protect against a specific type of negative energy, called the Grand Duke Tai Sui.

Proper placement of Pixiu (aka Piyao)

If you are following the annual feng shui updates, you can check the best area to position the Pi Yao Pi Xiu for protective feng shui energy this year. Not only is Pi Yao Pi Xiu the most powerful protective feng shui cure against the Grand Duke a flying stars school termit is also a good feng shui cure to attract wealth. As with most traditional Chinese feng shui cures, the roots of the Pi Xiu Pi Yao symbol lie deep in Chinese mythology. With the fierce look of a winged lion, the mythical Pi Xiu can ward off evil spirits and protect anyone from harm.

The Pi Yao is considered to be loyal and obedient, which makes him a very popular personal protector in traditional feng shui. This is the reason why you can find so many amulets with Pi Yao Pi Xiube it bracelets, keychains or other accessories.

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Pi Yao Pi Xiu has a voracious appetite that seems to have no end; this makes him a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The display of a Pi Yao Pi Xiu statue in business is considered a good luck feng shui cure to attract a never-ending flow of money. Pi Yao is also sometimes displayed in a new home, or in a home that has newly undergone renovations; it is also used as a good luck charm with lottery tickets.

A popular use of Pi Yao Pi Xiu is as a personal amulet, such as a bracelet or a keychain, because it allows you to always have your loyal personal protector nearby! The first use of Pi Yao in the classical feng shui applications is as a protective cure against the negative energy of the Grand Duke Tai Sui.

The right positioning of the Pi Yao Pi Xiu is in the bagua direction opposite the area affected by the Grand Duke presence. For example, in the Tai Sui energy was in the Southeast area, so the Pi Yao was placed in the Northwest bagua area facing Southeast. A Metal Pi Yao Pi Xiu is also used as a potent feng shui cure for two other negative energies as per flying star feng shui school - the annual stars 2 and 5.

Find out the current location of the annual star 2 and star 5 and see if a Pi Yao can work for you there.

How to wear a Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet

As a good luck and abundance cure, Pi Yao is widely displayed in officesas well as homes. For this purpose, it is best to display a pair of Pi Yao Pi Xiu.

You can display them in your money areayour lucky direction for wealth, or simply in a prominent area of your living room. Do not place the Pi Yao symbol in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Read More.It resembles a strong, winged lion. Pixiu is an earth and sea variation, particularly an influential and auspicious creature for wealth.

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It is said to have a voracious appetite towards only gold, silver and jewels. There are two different types of Pixiu, a male and a female. The physical difference is seen by their antlers. Pixiu crave the smell of gold and silver and like to bring their masters money in their mouth. Statues of this creature are often used to attract wealth in feng shui.

Today, Pixiu are also a popular design on jade pendants. It was also featured as a design on the sword of Fa Mulan's character in the Disney animated feature Mulan. Fierce-looking and covered with whitish-grey furPixiu are a type of auspicious, winged animal, written about in ancient Chinese history and heralded through the millennia by fantastic stories of powerful and grandiose feats of victory in battle.

They have the powerful head of a Chinese dragon, the bold body of a lion, and—historically—sport on their heads either one antler male or two antlers female. In modern times, the historical physical appearance of this legendary creature has been somewhat lost, and, as time has passed, it is now more commonly depicted with only one antler, which would be a male according to the ancient descriptions. Ancient Chinese descriptions, depictions and stone carvings of Pixiu from the Han dynasty BC— AD show the male with a single antler and the female with two.

what to do with broken pixiu

As with the Chinese Phoenixthe common image today is a representation of a single sex with one antler male. Pixiu have protruding eyes and sharp teeth. Its strong body resembles a Chinese lion and its feet have paws and claws. There is one ancient, stone sculpture variation found with hooves, but all Pixiu always have wings. Many have a bifurcated split tail that hangs low and downward, covering their buttocks and rectums, a representative metaphor that they hold gold inside their stomachs but will not let it out.

Looking at the posture of Pixiu, the creatures seem to project a sense of strength, elegance and mobility. Likewise, they have a big, opened mouth ready to gobble up gold and fortunes for its master.

Because of this, a Pixiu statue is often employed in the home as a way of receiving and keeping fortunes and wealth. Imperial Pixiu used during the Qing dynasty developed the physical characteristic of a fatter, more rotund body, indicating a stomach that could be loaded with unlimited amounts of gold and all forms of wealth and good fortune.Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope.

Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Who Can Wear Pi Xiu? How to Keep It?

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How to Cleanse Pi Xiu? As an auspicious creature, Pi Xiu is capable of drawing money and best fits for the people who want to improve wealth fortune. Also, Pi Xiu suits for students since it can bless them to grow up healthily. Left or Right hand? Generally, Pi Xiu bracelets are made of various materials. Pi Xiu bracelets are often put on the left hand except those made of obsidian, because vital energy goes into human body from the left and out from the right.

Obsidian is a special material which can be put on either left or right hand.

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Do not reveal it to others if it is on the neck. Pi Xiu Bracelet Facing Direction While wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet, make sure its head is outward, so as to draw money from all directions.

Then, how to tell the outward and the inward? The thumb direction is the inward while the little finger outward. If the bracelet is put on the left hand, make the Pi Xiu head toward the left which is then the outward. Pi Xiu Pendants for Necklace As for the Pi Xiu pendants, make sure its head is upward for the meaning of getting more and more prosperous and absorbing the essences of heaven and earth.

Pi Xiu, the son of Dragon King, walked in the clouds and could not head downward. Otherwise, it will be inauspicious. Touch It Frequently Before and when wearing Pi Xiu, remember to touch it frequently and let it know you are the master.

Pi Xiu is one of the spirit animals and it will obey in every way and assist you as long as you take good care of it. Wear it Longer for the First Time Do not wear it for a short time. Generally speaking, you'd better wear it longer for the first time. Pi Xiu understands how you're feeling and if you wear it occasionally, it will be estranged and less effective in money drawing.

Therefore, you'd better touch it every day from head to tail, other than eyes and mouth, so as to wake it up and bring you rolling profits.